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Welcome to Biz Success!  Looking for Online Business Success? Fill out the information and start receiving advice and tips to help you become a Leader in making money  on the Internet.  You will receive up to date information to help you become successful on the Internet!  The information is always changing, Google changes their ways of ranking sites.  Keywords, meta tags, backlinks, and the list goes on.  So much to learn and do that you need a system that is designed to help you sort through all the material.  Don’t go it alone!

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My name is Brian Smith and I am here as an Internet Marketing Consultant.  I will work with you in whatever capacity in order to ensure your success on the internet.  You will find a lot of great information on this site and it is a work in progress.  As you will see more information and improvements made continually.  This is for you and your success. As an experienced owner/manager in traditional business and having searched many programs trying to find how to make money on the internet.  After much trial and error and money wasted on several programs, I have developed a system that will bring you success on the internet.  Why should you go it alone when you can have a guide to assist you.

The Top Video

The top video is one of me giving a motivational talk. There will be many new videos coming soon to this site so stay tuned. Some will be motivational while others will be educational in nature. If you need a speaker for your next event, feel free to contact me and we can discuss your needs and desires.


There will be much more content coming in the near future and several programs and training to help you in your business needs. If you haven’t signed up before now, get on the mailing list so you can stay abreast of all the exciting things happening here.

Join now as I look forward to working with and for you.  It begins with you joining us!

Best Wishes, Brian



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  1. Hi Brian, Hope you’re well, I just wanted to commend you for your site and how it’s coming along nicely. You have have some decent info here to direct people in the right direction.

    1. Hi Brian,
      Great article,This is far and away one of the best ways to create a helpful, popular post .Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start when it comes to making money online.

      Now i’m really interested to see how i can do a good SEO and increase the exposure to gain traffic.

  2. Hi Brian. Your site is great. I am looking for work to reading the new pages or posts you are going to build. This website will be very useful to many people:)

  3. Hi Brian

    Thank you for yr bizsuccess website. I like it as it is clean and neat. 🙂

    You have some great information which I believe will help anyone who is thinking to start an online business from scratch.

    Great work, keep up yr good work!! Thank you for yr post on “Looking To Have A Successful Internet Business”

    Jewel Carol

  4. Hi Brian
    I like the layout of your site well done. Nice and clean too.
    You have also included some great content here that helps readers understanding more in having a successful internet business.

    Take care


  5. Hello Brian, great to see your website pop-up aa winner at the webpagelottery, I hope you will gain some more comments and perhaps some followers, because this oppertunity, a free trial periode at the Wealthy Affiliate University, is to good to let go by, I wish you a whole lot of visitors, greetings Loes

  6. Man, that looks like a job! I sure wouldn’t want to do that sevearl times a day Love your new site by the way, and it’s great to be able to leave a comment.

  7. Hi Brian,

    Great site, a lot of useful information. And Wealthy Affiliate is the only place to learn how to start an online business, and this is a long term investment.

    Keep it up, looking forward to read more of your post!

  8. Hey Brian,
    Great post. You have provided so good information – about online businesses. I have also experienced some of them and really appreciate your work.
    Wish you great success!

  9. Hi Brian and good information on all the changes with the Internet. You show a lot of good leads with your books and mention some vary valid points that I’ll need to revisit for more.

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